Case Study: InvestEd

About InvestEd

A Maryland startup financial advisor group that believes in smart money for everyone.

“We wanted to give people a smarter way to invest their money, without complexity, secrecy, fear.”

Located in a restored, brick row home in downtown Baltimore, startup company InvestEd, provides expert financial advice for all, regardless of age, income or career path.

“We kept hearing from customers, mostly young people, who were fed up with traditional investing options,” says Genti Cici, Lead Investment Advisor for InvestEd. “We wanted to give people a smarter way to invest their money, without complexity, secrecy, fear.”

It’s a situation that InvestEd addresses by being super-transparent. They offer a fixed, low advisor fee with no hidden charges, commissions, or portfolio minimums, and emphasize technology as a key component of their services. In addition, they provide monthly, free, financial seminars delivered by registered investment advisors–seminars that can feel more like a mixer than a class.


  • Create a profitable business working with clients who have not yet accumulated a lot of assets.
  • Grow quickly while minimizing the time required to do back-office manual operations, and spend more time with clients discussing their financial issues.
  • Provide tech-savvy clients with accessible, easy-to–use financial management online and mobile tools.
  • Meet InvestEd’s requirements for a secure, high-quality, cost-effective platform.
  • Offer a wide range of financial products that comply with InvestEd’s fiduciary standards and investment beliefs.
  • Allow for fast, simple, straightforward sign-up for clients.


  • Adopt a core value to help as many people as possible reach financial independence.
  • Partner with Betterment Institutional, who shares similar values as InvestEd, and provides a robust, secure platform to allow InvestEd advisors to customize client portfolios.
  • Institute a low advisor + platform fee, much less than the industry average.
  • Provide a web and mobile interface that allows InvestEd clients full access to their portfolios, anywhere in the world.


  • InvestEd clients can open their accounts online in less than 5 minutes, and with our help and guidance have the confidence to move forward on all their financial goals.
  • The number one thing we hear from clients when working with them, is the word ‘confidence’–they now have the tools, the savvy, and the right partners to truly pursue their future financial plans.
  • InvestEd continues to grow clients via word of mouth, and aims to rapidly scale both our client base and portfolio size under management.
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