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Give your clients a better experience.

Build your brand.

We personalize the client experience to help enhance your brand. Whether on the website, in an email, or on quarterly statements, clients will see your name and logo.

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Deliver a transparent and intuitive interface.

Our website enables clients to easily see their wealth in one place, understand what they’re invested in, and track their progress.

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Encourage better investing behavior.

Your job as an advisor is to help your clients establish and achieve their goals. We've put behavioral guardrails in place to help your clients avoid actions that could hurt their performance, such as trying to time the market or irrationally reacting to down markets.


Keep your clients on track with automatic, regular deposits.

Tax impact preview.

Helps your clients see the potential tax hit of a withdrawal or allocation change—before they make the transaction.

Allocation change notifications.

Our system will prompt your clients to contact you before making allocation changes.

Your clients’ accounts in one place.

Show your clients a clear view of their net worth by helping them sync their outside accounts, such as bank accounts and other investments.

Screenshot showing external accounts in Betterment

A better way to give

We’ve partnered with highly rated charities to give your clients a better giving experience. When your clients donate appreciated shares through the platform, their selected charity keeps 100% of the donations, and your clients save on taxes.

Support seven days a week.

Our support team, available 7 days a week, can help your clients with more technical questions or issues, so you can focus on helping them stick to their financial plan.

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Member of Securities Investor Protection Corporation

Betterment Securities is a member of SIPC. Securities in your account protected up to $500,000. For details, please see

Looking out for investors' accounts is a legal duty.

Regulated by the SEC and a member of FINRA, our Broker-Dealer, Betterment Securities, follows a strict set of rules, designed to protect our investors' accounts.