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Automated and flexible portfolio management.

Our portfolio offerings and tax-efficient investment management technology are automated and flexible, enabling you to provide clients with personalized investment strategies.

We offer a range of differentiated portfolio strategies

We offer a variety of portfolios to help ensure we have one that is personalized to your needs. While most of our customers invest in the Betterment portfolio, we also offer additional strategies for those interested in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), target income-generation, and smart beta that attempts to outperform the market. Each portfolio is available at the individual goal level, and adjusts its allocation or target income based on your situation and time horizon.


Recommended: Globally diversified portfolio built on Nobel-Prize winning research, for any risk level. Our most popular strategy.

Key features:

Provides optimal tax efficiency

Is built on lowest-cost funds

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Socially Responsible Investing

Based on the Betterment portfolio strategy. Increased weight in stocks of companies meeting certain social, environmental, and governance criteria.

Key features:

Helps express investment preference for social impact

Maintains diversification and low costs

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Vanguard Portfolio

Broad market equity and investment-grade fixed income exposure derived from global market cap weights.

Key features:

Exposure to over 19,000 global stocks and bonds

Maintains low cost and tax efficiency

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Goldman Sachs Smart Beta

Diversified portfolio strategy that uses certain factors to target outperformance of a conventional market-cap strategy.

Key features:

Designed to provide exposure to drivers of investment returns beyond market cap, with different risks

Seeks to maintain tax efficiency and low cost similar to traditional, market cap-weighted strategies

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BlackRock Target Income

100% bond portfolio with different income yields. Helps insulate against the ups and downs of the stock market.

Key features:

Expects to provide more return from income, rather than capital appreciation

Limits exposure to stock market volatility

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Dimensional Fund Advisors

Build portfolios with Dimensional Funds, available for Dimensional-approved advisors—at one of the lowest costs in the industry.

Key features:

Wrap fee that includes all trading costs

Portfolio construction tools

Automated onboarding, transfers, and rebalancing

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Get even more control in personalizing your clients’ portfolios

Unique market views? External holdings? If your or your clients’ preferences differ from our options, you can adjust individual asset class weights in the Betterment portfolio. As an advisor, you can also add additional asset classes, including international and domestic REITs and high-yield bonds.

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Important Disclaimer: Betterment is offering a range of model portfolios as a service to provide advisors with greater flexibility in serving their clients. The availability of a model portfolio offered by an independent third party on the Betterment for Advisors platform should not be construed as, and is not, a recommendation as to the advisability of utilizing such a model portfolio strategy. In addition, advisors should conduct their own due diligence on the underlying exchange-traded funds for any particular model portfolio. No third-party provider of a model portfolio strategy is providing investment advice to any advisor or client.

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1 As of August 2017, all mutual funds and/or ETFs used to construct GSAM’s Model Portfolios have fees lower than the overall average expenses within their respective Morningstar categories.