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Legal Disclosure

Determination of largest independent robo-advisor reflects Betterment LLC’s distinction of having highest number of assets under management, based on Betterment’s review of assets self-reported in the SEC’s Form ADV, across Betterment’s survey of independent robo-advisor investing services as of March 15, 2016. As used here, “independent” means that a robo-advisor has no affiliation with the financial products it recommends to its clients.

Determination of fastest growing automated investment service reflects Betterment LLC’s distinction of ​obtaining the ​largest number of ​new ​accounts since January 1, 2014, based on Betterment’s review of account numbers self-reported in the SEC’s Form ADV, across Betterment’s survey of automated investing services, as of January 31, 2015.

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The Betterment Resource Center publishes articles on a regular basis written by Betterment employee experts as well as paid expert contributors. The Resource Center contains information about investing, money management, personal finances, and more.

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