Betterment for Advisors, an end-to-end digital solution for RIA’s, today announced it has partnered with XY Planning Network to offer the Betterment for Advisors solution to XY Planning Network’s member firms and to leverage XYPN’s expertise and resources in helping budding advisor practices blossom.

Betterment for Advisors provides a scalable, automated platform designed to remove daily administrative burdens so advisors are free to spend more time with clients. The platform’s automated investment services and branded client experience give advisors the tools they need to be more productive.

XY Planning Network (XYPN) is the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in working with Generation X and Generation Y clients for an affordable monthly fee. XYPN provides fee only advisors with turnkey support to start, run and grow their practices as they serve next generation clients. As part of its turnkey solutions, XYPN will promote Betterment for Advisors as a preferred provider of portfolio automation services to its rapidly growing base of member firms.

“Providing investment related services to smaller accounts is incredibly time consuming, and forces many advisors to focus on high net worth clients. Betterment for Advisors bring investment management services to an entirely new generation of client,” said Alan Moore, co-founder of XYPN.

XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces notes that “it’s difficult for younger advisors serving their peers to work with a traditional custodian, given custodial minimums for advisory firms, the transaction costs on small accounts, and the expense of supporting technology that advisors must bear to serve clients efficiently. Betterment for Advisors provides a powerful all-in-one alternative to traditional custodial platforms for the financial-planning-centric advisor, at a very appealing cost.”

Steve Lockshin, Partner at Betterment for Advisors, said “For numerous reasons, I am enthusiastic about our partnership with XY Planning Network. XYPN is a pioneer in connecting advisors of all asset levels with industry-leading resources, technology and support. I look forward to bringing Betterment’s technology to a wider range of advisors and supporting those advisors as they grow.”

“Our goal is to support advisors with the tools, resources, and solutions they need to be successful for their clients,” said Martin C. Bicknell, CEO of Mariner Holdings and Montage Investments, and whose firm has partnered with Betterment for Advisors to market the platform to RIA’s.

“By pairing advisors with Betterment for Advisors’s cutting-edge portfolio automation technology, we are making strides toward achieving that goal. The end result is, regardless of their assets under management, all advisors receive industry-leading support that frees them to spend more time with clients.”

This article was published on February 27, 2015

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