At Betterment for Advisors, we’re constantly working to help advisors provide a streamlined investment management experience for their clients. Whether it’s through our tax-smart technology, paperless back office features, or intuitive user interface, we’re building a platform that enables advisors to build lasting client relationships.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with RightCapital to help advisors deliver more comprehensive financial advice to their clients.

RightCapital is a financial planning software platform that advisors can use to create actionable financial and tax plans for their clients. Using a suite of interactive tools that actively involve clients in the planning process, advisors can build financial plans for all aspects of clients’ lives, such as retirement, college funds, estate planning, and more.

This partnership grew out of a shared belief in the value that holistic financial planning can bring to advisors and their clients. At Betterment for Advisors, we’re building technology that helps automate the manual work traditionally done by advisors. By providing tax-efficient, automated portfolio management tools and advisor controls such as initiating paperless rollovers, we enable advisors to focus on what matters most: helping clients reach their financial goals through better advice and planning.

In the near future, you can expect a deeper technology integration between RightCapital and Betterment for Advisors. We believe that a more seamless financial planning experience is key for advisors to delight clients with bespoke financial plans catered to their investment goals.

We’re excited to combine our expertise to deliver an experience that helps change the way advisors and technology work together.

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This article was published on September 18, 2018

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